Belmont Learning Space is a purpose built centre located in a residential street in Belmont for 39 children. It opened February 2019 and is slowly filling with the joyful sounds of children. The building is designed along the shape of a whare, a simple shape filled with natural light with two separate age group rooms. The vision is to create a beautiful home like centre where relationships are given priority.

The Pipi room for 10 children has a sense of calm, a place where our youngest citizens can naturally unfold and develope. Their natural rhythms allowing for strong relationships to build with their primary caregiver and each other.  In the Paua room up to 29 children are supported to develope their own theories alongside their peers. Learning to collaborate and listening to other perspectives while working with open ended and natural materials.  The team is there to support and guide the children through their daily investigations by thoughtful questioning, considered provocations. The Paua room is filled with light and is connected  to the garden with large sliding doors and a deck.

The educators daily practice is underpinned by the values of respect, trust, collaboration, joy and wonder which are interwoven into the centre philosophy, culture and beliefs.