This is what some of our families have to say about us.

"We are very thankful for the care that the staff in Takapuna Learning Space have provided for our little boy, Liam. We find the staff very approachable and supportive. It puts our mind at ease knowing that he is happily exploring and learning in such a positive and loving environment"


Our son Oliver has been attending Takapuna Learning Space since he was 6 months old and we cannot recommend the facilities and team there enough. When we walk in the door the teachers and children all greet Oliver by name and it is so reassuring to see how excited he is to see everyone. The carers have got to know Oliver and his routine well and the communication around his daily adventures and development is fantastic. It is great having the peace of mind that Oliver is in a safe, fun and above all caring environment every day.

Courtney, mother of Aria

Takapuna Learning Space has the most caring and lovely environment.  My daughter would not be who she is today if it wasn’t for the amazing team especially Melanie and Cheryl. Aria has grown into the most amazing girl with so much to offer.  I have seen the changes in her over the last 3 years she has been with you. Takapuna Learning Space will always be a part of our family and I will always be forever grateful for everything everyone has done for me and Aria. The best decision I ever made was entrusting Aria in your care. I highly recommend coming to this centre.

Belinda and Gavin Old, parents of Ivy 1 year 4 months

Like any parent, the thought of leaving our daughter in someones else's care was terrifying! We could not be more grateful for the time, patience and understanding received from the staff at Takapuna Learning Space . Yve and Melanie are incredibly accommodating, more than happy to have my daughter and I visit daily for three weeks prior, in fact they recommend it. The time was invaluable, we felt comfortable with my new role as a working mum and importantly Ivy is thriving! Her teachers are truly an extension of our family, and the love, respect and interest they show her is genuine. The philosophy at TLS is a beautiful one and mirrors exactly what we want for Ivy. She loves the heuristic play and the whole family gets so much joy reading about her day in the Pipi room. We couldn't be happier!

Natalie, mother of Max aged 2 years 4 months

Our son Max is thriving in the nurturing environment of Takapuna LS. The caring teachers have encouraged him to learn through fun, educational play and to develop social relationships with the other children and staff. He even asks to go in the weekends!


I strongly believe TLS has an easy understanding and amazing philosophy. Teaching, communicating and learning through the experience of watching children grow independently couldn't be done any way better. Everyday my daughter comes home, she has learnt something new. Even the smallest of things like a new word or pronunciation of a word being clearer than the day before making it easy for us to understand. Sometimes it could be a physical action like learning how to get up the step and the down the step. From the first day we walked in I felt such a warm, loving vibe in the space. This allowed me to be comfortable straight away, and I hadn't felt this elsewhere! Perhaps my daughter felt the same vibe and emotions around her as she had such a great transition. I look forward to watching her connections with her peers grow. 

Claire Jager, mother of Sophie

The Learning Space is a really special place. I couldn't think of anywhere better for our little girl to grow, explore and discover. The staff are respectful of children as individuals, observant and reflective, patient and caring. Everyday there are new and interesting provocations for our children to discover.

Lill, mother of Lola

The moment I heard about The Learning Space, I had to check it out. I fell in love and so did my 15 month old daughter, not only with the beautiful environment but the teachers. Straight away I had a sense of calm thinking about my child in their care. Their philosophy and beliefs were very similar to mine, I was very passionate about finding a centre that implemented the Pikler and Reggio Emilia approach, this was it! I was sold. From then on we did regular visits before her start date.  Now my daughter squeals with excitement as we pull up to the centre. She doesn't want to leave,  she just adores it, along with her peers and especially her teachers. Thank you for providing such an amazing centre in the heart of the city.